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Use the website as a reference and engage in this collaborative environment where other cinema fans will like to know your opinion about the films that enchant and thrill us.

1. What can I do in the Best Movies?

You can consult, vote, comment, create your own lists of best films, and also share your comments and lists. There are more than 50 thousand films previously evaluated and classified according to the criteria of the website itself.

2. Can I visit the film pages without being registered?

You can browse the entire site without logging in. But you get more out of the site when you are logged in, as you can vote, comment, rate other comments, add friends or make your own lists. It is a far superior experience. Logged in you improve the experience for other users, by enriching the environment with your participation.

3. How do I register?

Just click “Login” in the Login area of the website. You will be asked for “Full Name”, “Username” (“Username”), “Gender” (male or female), a brief description of you, “Date of Birth”, “City”, “State”, “E-mail” and “Personal website”. The fields marked with an asterisk (*), which are “Full name”, “Username” and “E-mail” are mandatory. You must also create a password. Include also a photo of you, which helps to improve the experience on the site. It’s good for everyone.

4. I don’t want to provide my data, as I don’t trust internet sites. Can I still participate?

The mandatory information does not violate the user’s privacy (read the Privacy Policy), as we only ask for “Name”, “Username” and “E- mail”. We will never send spam and we do not use your information in any way. Your data will be stored in a secure database and will not be passed on.

5. When entering the website, what should I do first?

When you register, you automatically gain a profile with your data so that you can relate to other cinema lovers. From there, you can choose to search for your favorite movies through pre-sorted lists or the search tool, or create new lists, such as “Animated Movies”, “Woody Allen Movies” or “Western”.

6. How many lists can I create?

As many lists as you like. Use your imagination when naming your lists. To create a list, go to Lists and click on “+ Create List”.

7. How many films can I include in each of my lists?

There is no limit. You can choose to divide your lists into 10, 20, or 67 films, for example, according to your desire.

8. How can I vote for a film?

To vote, you must enter the movie’s technical file, where there is the voting tool symbolized by 10 stars and the word “Vote”. You click on the last star of the number of votes (example: 7 = 7 stars) and your vote will be automatically counted.

9. Can I change my vote?

The vote can be changed according to your will. To do this, just click on the stars and it will automatically be modified.

10. How can I review the grades I gave for each film?

You can review the notes on each movie sheet you voted for. It is also possible to do so on the user’s page, which presents a history of the films you voted for.

11. How many votes can I give for each film?

You can cast only one vote per film, to maintain, say, the democracy of the proposal.

12. What are the criteria adopted for the pre-classification of the list of best films? What is the weight of each vote?

For years we did great and rigorous research to evaluate and classify the films, which took into account evaluations by foreign and national critics, lists, awards at festivals, and important associations for cinematography, in addition to judgments of users of international specialized websites. Each film received an initial score and a formula was applied to it that allows balance and avoids distortion, preventing a film that is in the last places of the ranking to pass to the first ones immediately. This may happen, according to the wishes of the users, but it will be necessary to have a considerable number of votes for the average of each film to grow. New films are inserted within this criterion.

13. How do I comment on the film?

In the User Area of the website, there is a field for you to write your comment, with a title (“What did you think of this movie”). You write and hit the “Submit” button. You can write anything you want in this area, as long as the text complies with the Terms of Use and is not offensive. Your comment will be recorded on the movie page.

14. Can I change my comment?

You can change your comment at any time. It will be recorded on the movie page. After the change, it is necessary to press the “Submit” button for the changes to be saved.

15. How can I review all the comments I have made?

You can review the comments on each movie sheet you wrote on, as they are registered. It is also possible to do so in the User Area, which presents a history of the comments you have made.

16. I made some lists but decided to change some position films. Is this possible?

You can easily change the position of the films in your ranking. To do this, simply access your User Area and drag the movies into your own list, down or up, and reorder them in this way. You can also delete a movie from your lists if you wish.

17. How do I add a friend?

You need to find a comment made by another user on a movie’s technical sheet page and click on the nickname.

18. Why do some films appear as “N/A”?

“N/A” means “not available” or not yet rated by the website, which is the case with recent films. But you can vote for them anyway.

19. I saw a movie recently at the cinema and didn’t find it on the list. Why so? What should I do?

Our team constantly evaluates, from time to time, if there are films that really deserve to be included in the list of the best, even if they are recent and have recently premiered. It may happen that the film has not yet been rated, but it will be included soon and on a note determined by the editor, which can be changed according to the votes of the users. We count on your collaboration for suggestions, by email (

20. I found an information error in a movie. May I request a correction?

Errors are possible, given the enormous amount of information that our website has. First of all, we apologize if they are found, and we kindly ask users to send us an e-mail about it to (

21. Why do directors and actors appear on the pages of the most popular and not the best ranked? How is this assessment made?

The order of the names of directors and actors that appear on the first page is not a list of the best. It is a list of the most accessed by users of the site. You can search by typing, on these pages, the name of the director and/or actor you are looking for, and then there will be a list of the best films rated by that specific professional.

22. I saw the same film on two different lists. For example Romance and Comedy. This can confuse me. Why do they appear like this?

It is not a mistake. Only a few films are classified with more than one genre, but potentially it follows a genre. For example, those that appear as Romance and Comedy are probably romantic comedies, those that are not exactly a torn comedy, nor a love movie. The information contained in the technical sheets serves to guide the user when choosing a good movie to watch. If you find any discrepancies, however, write to

23. I liked the site. I want to share it with my friends. How do I do?

You can spread the good news as much as you want among your friends. To do this, just send then a list that you created or simply indicate the URL for them.