About AllBestMovies

AllBestMovies intends to be the best trustful resource for film evaluation in the western world.

Our purpose is to provide entertainment and relationship for cinema lovers engaged in film ranking — a place where we all can consult, comment, contribute, interact, vote.

We came this far after 20 years of research and rating of 50,000+ films, each one calculated considering references found in websites, magazines, books awards, reviews around the world.

The home page shows a Top List of 3,000 films, all-time best favorites. Only the ones graded above 7.0.

You will also find lists ordered by year, actor, director, genre, and country of production.

Adding to that, please feel free to create your own lists, as you like. To do so, just register and log in. Then you can edit and share all your content — films you voted for, lists you created, comments and summaries you wrote.


Each movie gains the first vote by the Editorial Team — a vote that also ponders rates held in specific websites, magazines, books, film festivals.

User votes add to that initial vote, which has a greater pull in the beginning.

As each new vote is added, from both users and advisers, the latter with more weight overall, the Editorial Team’s vote weight decreases as new votes advance. This process fine-tunes the original evaluation made by the Editorial Team.

Join the Editorial Board

Users are frequently invited to join the AllBestMovies committee, based on comments posted. Their votes have a more decisive weight that shapes notes over time and balances the original rank blended with average users’ choices.

Reviews posted by the committee are also specially displayed. Invites to pre-release sessions are always destined for those members of the board and distributed according to location and subsequent drawing.

Can’t find a film?

If there is a movie you like and cannot be found within the website, please drop us an e-mail to editorial@allbestmovies.com.